nberg.jpg    Look at this picture from the clip of the Nicholas Berg beheading. Discussing it with a friend, we concluded that there is something odd about it.

When the Japanese were taken, they were wearing the clothes in which they were kidnapped in. Why was Berg wearing Guantanamo Bay orange prison garb? We are told he disappeared after he left his hotel in Iraq, the day after he was released from an Iraqi prison.

Look at the sports shoes the “Iraqi kidnappers” are wearing. Americans wear sneakers. Iraqis usually do not (most wear sandals).

Look at how the “Iraqi kidnappers” are standing behind Berg. They are in a classic “at ease” American soldier position, legs apart.

Iraqi groups are usually a ragtag gang of misfits. The “Iraqi kidnappers” behind Berg are all wearing neat uniform garb.

Could it be that this beheading was orchestrated to divert the public’s attention from the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal?

Could it be that America killed their own and the dramatic way was for a political purpose?

Could it be…

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