Name: Daphne Haour-Hidalgo
Birthplace: Philippines                                                                        Province: Batanes
Citizenship: Filipino – French
Education: University of the Philippines, Diliman

• I am generous to a fault.
• I can be very direct, but often misunderstood.
• I am intolerant of people who are all talk and no action.

Hobbies and Pastimes: I play bridge. A new hobby for me is photography. I also make some attempts at writing.

Authors: classic novel writers (with the exception of James Joyce)

Colours: blue and certain shades of violet (some people think there’s some meaning to that)
Music: classic Rock and classic Jazz
Religious upbringing: Roman Catholic  (But you do not have to be religious to have moral values and a sense of ethics).

One other note: I look Asian, I think American, and by virtue of a document, I am officially French. I am Kosinski’s painted bird.

I was born in the Philippines, but have lived way over half my life outside of the country. Whenever I’m in Manila, it is unfortunate that, although I can be as patriotic as the next countryman, Filipinos consider me a foreigner. But perhaps I am a foreigner because like most foreigners, I am easily fooled by devious and unprincipled Filipinos who are quick to sniff out a naive and trusting person unfamiliar with the Filipino ways. For all their Catholic religious upbringing, one would think that these people above all others who are not Catholic, would at least be more virtuous and upright, but no. This country is one of the most corrupt nations in the world, ranked up there with the Africans.

I am not American, but having studied in the United States for five years in my youth, english is my first language. American education, at a young age, has marked me far more than any other. If you find me critical here of the American government, it is only because I believe the Americans deserve better. The way things are, it is a government for the capitalists, for the very rich, and for the Jews. Israel has a powerful ally in the American nation.

I love France. I am proud of its history and culture. I am honoured to be counted as one of its citizens. But I will never get used to the abominable racist hostility, the rudeness, the condescending attitude, and the arrogance of the Parisians. I have not come across another people who are so shamefully unworthy of the honour and respect their culture and history bestows upon them.

Being a social mongrel and not seeming to belong to any society, allows me to stand back and observe with an open-mind, the world at large.


Disclaimer: The views expressed on this website are my own, and do not in any way reflect the opinions of my family, friends or colleagues.