Amnesty International: Stand in solidarity with Burma’s political prisoners

To stand with the people of Burma, all you need to do is:

1. Read the list of cases (on the Amnesty Intl website) and decide which prisoner(s) you would like to support through this action
2. Write their name on your right hand
3. Hold your right hand out, palm facing the camera and take a picture
4. Then either:
a. Login to Flickr upload your picture and add it to the group or
b. Email your picture to or
c. Text it to +44(0)7733 134 670
5. Have a friend do the same.

All photos will be collected and taken to the summit meeting of political leaders from Asia and Europe in Brussels in October – the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). Amnesty will call on these leaders to press for freedom for Burma’s political prisoners.

On their behalf, thank you.

update 15 July 2013: Burma to free political prisoners