birefringence-150.jpg “Yaw, guess what? I’ve just figured out why bad things happen to good people.”

“Bad things happen to bad people, too, you know Mog.”

“Oh, that’s understandable and that’s the way it should be. But bad things happening to good people, that’s abnormal. We have innocent men, women and children dying in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. We have many innocent detainees being tortured at Guantanamo. Innocent people being accused of crimes they didn’t commit, like the lady who was falsely accused by airport personnel of having a bomb in her shoes.

“No… there’s something not right with the world, Yaw, and I’m trying to understand why that is. I think I’ve figured it out.”

“Is it karma? Because they were bad in their before-life, they’re taking the punishment for it now?”

“But isn’t that unjust? Here you are in the after-life, trying to be good and you get punished for something you can’t even remember? I don’t think karma is a reasonable explanation for that, Yaw. And what about the good things happening to bad people? How do you explain that? Karma?”

“So what is it then, Mog? Why do bad things happen to good people?”

“I think it has something to do with physics. Opposites attract, therefore positive poles attract the negative. That explains why bad things happen to good people. They somehow ‘attract’ it.”

“And how do you think you can solve the abnormality of that, Mog?”

“Well, there must be a way to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow… like polarising the positive against its direction in order to repel the negative.”

“You’re obviously not a physicist, Dr Mog. You can’t attract two positive or two negative poles. The positive will always attract the negative, and the negative the positive.”

“Well then, what do you think can be done about this unfair situation? How can we stop the bad things happening to good people?”

“I wish I knew, Mog, but I absolutely have no idea…”

“Well, we could resort to the dumb expedient of becoming a bad guy in order to attract the positive. What about that?”

“That is not a solution, Mog.”

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