March 2008

loaded-truck-bis.jpg Sail forth and rule the world! and so the old Masters had ordered. The nations conquered became colonies of the colonialists. Let’s mention a few of them: Singapore, Hong Kong, and Burma were under the British Empire; Nova Scotia in Canada, Louisiana, and the West Indies under France; and from one of the largest Empires, Spain had the Philippines, Mexico and some African states.

While these states have become independent nations, with its native population in control of their government, there were other types of “sailing forth” and not for the reason of “rule the world.”

We all know our history that Columbus, in search of a different route to India, came across America. The native American Indians, whose land it was, were decimated and became secondary citizens on their own land.

Occurring in another part of the world, Great Britain’s search for a far-away place to dump its social ingrates, decided on Australia. The Aborigines, whose land it was, likewise became secondary citizens to a population of inmates of Britain’s prisons.

Present day “sailing forth” has come to be defined as exploitation of a nation’s natural resources. This we see in America’s exploitation of oil-rich nations.

But there is an insidious “third sailing forth” — not a sanctioned incursion by foreign governments, but rather, an economic incursion by individual people. They do not mobilize themselves in groups. They come on their own as economic immigrants.

One nation has done just that to a sovereign country. What is surprising is that the sovereign country is absolutely unaware of the incursion that has happened.

You see, what the conquering people did was to look for a nation of lazy people, who are content with the bones thrown at them, never wishing to improve their lot. They found it and its people have long been characterised as indolent, which they blame on religion (come what may, Someone is looking after me) and the heat of the sun.

Unfortunately for this lazy nation, they are also dis-united, by language* and culture. Their culture was destroyed by the first conquering Empire, who also kept them illiterate and taught them to be subservient. This Empire was then followed by a second one, more aptly described as an exploiter rather than an empire, who taught them english and to be beholden to their power.

The conquering people integrated, but they still kept their culture and their history. They continued to speak their native tongue among themselves in the conquered country, while speaking the conquered nation’s own. They excelled in private enterprise. They are leaders, not followers.

The conquering people then took over the economy. Two** of the three billionaires of this nation are from this conquering people. The third billionaire*** is from another country. There are no indigenous billionaires. The conquering people have become leaders in almost every sector of the conquered nation’s economy.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, the conquering people here are the Chinese, and the conquered nation is the Republic of the Philippines. They are called Filipino-Chinese, but they are Chinese all the same.


* Between 100-150 languages and dialects spoken
** Henry Sy (US$3.1Billion), Lucio Tan (US$1.5Billion)
*** Jaime Zobel de Ayala (US$1.2Billion)

Andrew Tan US$700M
Tony Tan Caktiong US$690M
John Gokongwei US$680M
Eduardo Cojuanco US$610M


birefringence-150.jpg “Yaw, guess what? I’ve just figured out why bad things happen to good people.”

“Bad things happen to bad people, too, you know Mog.”

“Oh, that’s understandable and that’s the way it should be. But bad things happening to good people, that’s abnormal. We have innocent men, women and children dying in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. We have many innocent detainees being tortured at Guantanamo. Innocent people being accused of crimes they didn’t commit, like the lady who was falsely accused by airport personnel of having a bomb in her shoes.

“No… there’s something not right with the world, Yaw, and I’m trying to understand why that is. I think I’ve figured it out.”

“Is it karma? Because they were bad in their before-life, they’re taking the punishment for it now?”

“But isn’t that unjust? Here you are in the after-life, trying to be good and you get punished for something you can’t even remember? I don’t think karma is a reasonable explanation for that, Yaw. And what about the good things happening to bad people? How do you explain that? Karma?”

“So what is it then, Mog? Why do bad things happen to good people?”

“I think it has something to do with physics. Opposites attract, therefore positive poles attract the negative. That explains why bad things happen to good people. They somehow ‘attract’ it.”

“And how do you think you can solve the abnormality of that, Mog?”

“Well, there must be a way to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow… like polarising the positive against its direction in order to repel the negative.”

“You’re obviously not a physicist, Dr Mog. You can’t attract two positive or two negative poles. The positive will always attract the negative, and the negative the positive.”

“Well then, what do you think can be done about this unfair situation? How can we stop the bad things happening to good people?”

“I wish I knew, Mog, but I absolutely have no idea…”

“Well, we could resort to the dumb expedient of becoming a bad guy in order to attract the positive. What about that?”

“That is not a solution, Mog.”

My Name is Earl
The Innocent Man at Guantanamo
US Military Fails to Distinguish Civilian from Insurgent in Iraq
Missing Presumed Tortured

pict-animal.jpeg “Yaw, how do you explain the mysterious phenomena of coincidences? Is there a natural explanation for these events?”

“Some religious philosophers have proposed a supernatural power behind it, Mog. Some scientists explain it in terms of physics or mathematical deductions, as in the concepts of probability. I suppose it all depends on how Man interprets the unexplainable. The world of imagination is limitless, Mog, and Man has created depositories of our ills.”

“Let’s be more specific, Yaw. Let’s say I bought a lottery ticket and won. Was I lucky, which many people often attribute to God, or was it because it was highly probable that I should win?”

“If you lost, Mog, would you blame God? The religious would often go through rituals, like praying, and explain the outcome of an event as a result of these prayers or lack of it.

“As for the probability of you winning, well let’s say 500 people bought tickets. The probability of you winning is one in 500, and all 500 have the same chance. There’s no mystery in that. It’s the same coincidence as 500 people stepping off the pavement at different times of the day, and you happen to be the one when a truck passes by.”

“That’s scary, Yaw…”

“A coincidence can happen to anyone, and there’s nothing special about you. It’s destiny. The unknown is scary for those who find no explanation for it, Mog. In their limited minds, they fight these terrors with whatever they have, and with Man’s capacity for wild imaginations, there are even those who create terror to explain terror.

“Take the Loch Ness monster. You have to think of the time in which these legends were created, Mog. The children of Scotland in the days of old were told that if they didn’t behave, the monster in Ness lake would gobble them up. And just because they found a 1st century carving of a strange animal on a Pictish stone, their wild imagination got the better of them and the monster at Ness lake, told in childhood stories, came into being.”

“I suppose it is the same interpretation for Hell in Christian religion, Yaw. Not knowing where we go when we die, children are taught that if they don’t behave, they will go to hell. I think people, especially parents should not take childhood for granted. Children do not understand or misunderstand all what is taught to them in childhood, and when they grow up, they are brainwashed adults who interpret or misinterpret these terrors.”

“And I don’t think an ant or a worm will wonder where they would go when they die, Mog. Only Man has imagination, and he imagines too much.”

“But Yaw, for what purpose is there to explain the unknown in fearful terms?”

“People and institutions have their agendas, Mog. There is still a lot of the unknown that the world of Science has to fathom. But in the meantime, the opium of the masses is the fallback. Give science time to explain the unknown, and when they do, you will wonder why you had been foolish enough to be scared.”

The Anthropic Coincidences: A Natural Explanation