witch.jpeg Have you ever had a string of bad luck and wondered what it was you’ve done to incur the anger of the gods, or asked yourself, why me? I consider myself a rational person, and I know that problems do not happen by themselves. But this has happened to me countless times, and I have wondered if witches do exist who cast bad spells out of spite or jealousy.

I was watching a documentary on French television the other day about a small village on the western coast of France. In this village, the inhabitants believe in the existence of the unknown.

When a bad spell is cast by the Unknown, the person or the place is in what they called the Negative Zone. The person or the place is exorcised of this spell through some incantations which sound like Christian prayers. These incantations must be a plea to stop from being the object of a Spirit’s mad desires. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, the bad luck disappears.

If the first dimension is life and the second dimension, death, then a “third dimension” must exist–a space where “spirits” live and who have the power to change the course of events in people’s lives according to their whims. But whatever it is, this negative zone and the unknown… what I really would like to know is: Why?