valeurs-2002.jpg If you have visited Turkey, you must have been amazed at the vast extent of Turkey’s cultural and historical heritage. From Roman architecture to Greek influence, and structural manifestations of Biblical events, Turkey, the once Ottoman Empire, has a lot to offer the world.

I have been to Turkey and the people I have met, the people I have seen in the streets and workplace, all have one trait in common: They are a very industrious people. They are also open-minded and far too friendly. They are more cultivated in grace and manners than some nations that call themselves civilised.

But these are trying and difficult times. America’s so-called war against terrorism has blurred the lines between religion and terror, and the layman’s definition of terrorists have equated it with the Muslim world.

The majority of the French are narrow-minded and most lack foresight. They have advocated against Turkey’s entry in the European Union. What they are profoundly ignorant of is that Turkey is a secular State.

It would be a great loss for Europe if they shut the door to Turkey’s entry to the Union. If ever there were to be an alliance of Muslim nations, a possibility provoked by the Western world’s defeatist propaganda, Turkey will be accepted by this alliance with open arms.

Nicolas Sarkozy is probably the only likely person to change France for the better. But whatever his reason for being against Turkey’s entry in the EU — either to please the French majority or to adapt to the general mood of the world at this time of war and hate — it would be unfortunate, for the international community in general and the EU in particular, that an opportunity, to have a secular Muslim nation under the guidance and protectorship of Europe, be irrationally allowed to slip by.