trojan-horse.jpeg “Yaw, have you ever felt that everything you do, you somehow do it all wrong? You try to be principled and you get stepped on. You try to please and all the other one does is to criticise. You try to see the good in people and they betray you. Is there something wrong with me? Or is there something wrong with the people around me?”

” You’re just too naive or too good for this world, Mog.”

“What do you think I should do about it, Yaw?”

I really don’t know. Maybe you need to seek the company of a different society. Mix with people your own kind.”

“That won’t be easy. There are some people I just can’t avoid.”

“Well, you could keep your distance, Mog. I don’t mean physical distance, but mental distance.”

“Yes, I suppose I could do that. So don’t be surprised when I shall be unusually quiet, because I will lay back and simply observe the madness around me. Don’t wonder why I shall no longer be nice, because I will retaliate when wronged. I will regard people with a wary and cynical look — from now they will have to prove worthy of my trust.”

“But if all the decent people of the world would do the same, Mog, you will have stooped down to the level of animal — the same class of people you’re up against.”

“No, I don’t agree with you, Yaw. I will keep my integrity, but in order to put animals in their place, you have to speak their language; and the only language animals understand is their own.”