french-flag.jpg Out of the 3,680 registered French nationales of voting age in the Kanto region (Tokyo consulate), about 59% or 2,187 turned out to vote on the first round of the Presidential elections. The results were:

Nicolas Sarkozy …. 835 votes (36.86%)
François Bayrou … 620 (28.46%)
Ségolène Royal …. 530 (25.51%)
J-M Le Pen … 75 (3.64%)

Elsewhere around the world, 40% of French expatriates in the United States voted:

Nicolas Sarkozy … 48.73%
Ségolène Royal … 23.97%
François Bayrou … 20.32%
J-M Le Pen … 2.39%

and in Canada where there are about 70,000 French expatriates:

Ségolène Royal … 34.67%
Nicolas Sarkozy … 31.84%
François Bayrou … 22.61%
J-M Le Pen … 3.43%

Subjective conclusions: In Canada, it seems Ségolène Royal’s stand on the independence of Quebec has some following in the French community of that country. In New York, Nicolas Sarkozy’s friendly terms with America has a strong following among French expatriates. And in Tokyo where 3% of the ballots were cast for Jean-Marie Le Pen the anti-immigration candidate, I would tell these 75 hypocrites, these immigrants to Japan, to go back where they came from.