American evangelical Christians are dangerously becoming the catalyst in bringing about the end of the world. They are setting the stage for war that will, according to their belief, bring about the coming of Jesus Christ. At this end of the world scenario, they will be whisked to heaven and those left behind will experience famines, disasters, violence, brutality and death.

It is this being “whisked into heaven” — the Rapture, that they are looking forward to. And for those who have been left behind, they must withdraw from society and live in seclusion in a certain place in order to survive the Tribulation.

These End Timers are a Doomsday cult, pure and simple. They stifle positive and constructive solutions to the world’s problems. People who follow this cult are a pathetic lot because as they wait for the end of the world, they have no motivation to improve their own lives.

The End Timers are no laughing matter nor can they be ignored. They have such a strong political hold of the strongest military nation in the world, that they in fact, might just succeed in precipitating the end of the world.

Based on Tony Robinson’s documentary video report: The Doomsday Code
Debates and Controversies: The Doomsday Code