otpor-students.jpg The American people could have learnt a thing or two from the non-violent movement initiated by a group of students in Yugoslavia that brought about the downfall of the “Butcher of the Balkans,” Slobodan Milosevic.

They started out with graffiti, painting slogans on the streets and on walls all over the country with the statements, “Resistance Until Victory!” or “He’s Finished!” or “Kill Yourself Slobo and Save Serbia!” When security forces tried to dispel the movement, the students did not fight them and instead, reasoned with them to save the country. In the end, the police disobeyed Milosevic’s orders to shoot when a massive demonstration was held in Belgrade. Serbian citizens joined the movement by the thousands, ousting the tyrant who committed war crimes and taking the future of their country in their hands.

But the American playing field is slightly different. The people are also up against the Neocon group and corporate power-wielders who steer domestic policies such as in environment and health, and a Jewish Lobby that dictates their foreign policy. The President is merely a puppet.

Some supporters of “the butcher of the Islamic world” say that he is doing what he thinks is right. I’m sure some Germans said the same of Hitler. It’s too late for this nation of couch potatoes to drag itself out of their lethargy because the collapse of the dollar, and with it their economy, is imminent.

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