trojan-horse.jpg The Big Winner in the EU Expansion: Washington (12.10.2002): Friedbert Pflueger, the foreign policy spokesman of the Christian Democrat grouping in the German Bundestag, said flatly that the ‘influence of the United States will be fostered by the Central and East European countries which look more to the U.S. than to Europe.’

The Eastern Questions: Turkey and the EU (11/26/2002): The U.S. is pushing the EU to admit Turkey in the relatively near future. So is Britain. But France, Germany, and much of Europe are quietly but implacably opposed. The French see Turkey as another American “Trojan Horse” within the EU like the British.

US may provoke row over GM food labelling (08/14/2001): America is furious at EU-wide plans to insist that all food containing one percent GM ingredients be labelled with the fact. Washington, under pressure from GM crop growers, is considering challenging the EU plans under world trade law and wants Britain to present the US case in Europe.

And now this: EU Nations Knew About CIA Jails: Many EU nations were aware that the CIA used their territory for the transfer or detention of terror suspects, a draft European parliament report says.

US President George W Bush admitted in September that the CIA had used prisons abroad for the secret detention of terror suspects, but he did not specify where the prisons were.

Mr Fava’s report singled out the governments of Poland and Romania of failing to co-operate with the investigation.

Fourteen European states colluded with the CIA in secret US flights for terror suspects, a report concludes.

The most serious charges are levelled at Poland and Romania, where Mr Marty says there is enough evidence to support suspicions that CIA secret prisons were established.