us_humiliates_humans2.jpg “You know, Mog, nobody likes to be reminded of what’s happening in Iraq. Like ostriches, we bury our heads and wait for the powers that be to fix things up. But let’s talk about those two American hostages and like most hostages there, how they were killed.”

“It was vicious, Yaw. Religion is definitely not a code of ethics.”

“But that’s not the issue, Mog. The invasion of Iraq was not of a religious nature. You are confused and as a result of propaganda, you turn against Muslims and Islam.

”It’s like two people, one short the other fat, fighting over a piece of meat. But the fight deteriorates to name-calling. You dumb Shortie! you say. And the other says: You ugly Fathead! But what you should really be doing is questioning something else.

“The real issue here, Mog, is Western forces and their national interests. And the problems in many other countries involve precisely this–the exploitation of natural resources by the West of other nations’ resources to the detriment of that nation’s economy. It is no wonder that the protest banner common to all exploited countries is: Americans Go Home!

“No, Muslims are not vicious, Mog. What do you call what Americans have done to the civilian population in Iraq? Can America see the beam in their eye when they describe Muslims?

“And whatever happens to strike the World just now–be it the old coveting of natural resources, or independence sought by an unhappy group of people, or inter-racial hatred within the community of a nation, it is War that is vicious…”

Why is the US-UK War on Iraq Illegal?