square earth.gif "Yaw, did you know that God created this huge expanse of universe and the multitude of living things on earth of diverse shapes and colours in six puny days? And based on Archbishop Ussher's timeline, God created the universe and all living things only about 6,000 years ago."

"That's difficult to believe, Mog. The physicist Ernest Rutherford discovered a way to determine an object's length of existence through lead-uranium ratios and radioactive-isotope measurements. A fragment of a meteorite was determined to be 4,566 million years old. Earth is at least four and a half billion years old.

"As to the creation of living things, the French, the Chevalier de Lamarck and the British, Charles Darwin, have a theory of evolution that holds compelling arguments. Man cannot be made from common soil — their DNA structures are so unalike. That Biblical story is implausible."

"But so many people believe in the existence of a God, so it must be true," Dulmog insisted.

"Mog, you know that that is an erroneous argument. It is a mistake to think that something must be true because so many people believe it to be true. In the time before Magellan, it was believed that the world was flat, and that one fell off the rim on the horizon. They made drawings in their books of a square earth and considered it fact. The majority is not always right.

"In conclusion, if there is anything beyond your comprehension, please consult someone with a greater mind than your own."

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