unclesam-thumb.jpg "Didn't we decide at the end of last year not to talk about politics anymore, Yaw?"

"At least no longer on this site because we were participating in political forums then, and we had quite a bit of feedback from there. Do you recall one topic we started on a forum, Mog, that received 256 comments, and zilch for exactly the same topic here?"

"That sure speaks a lot about our audience on this site, huh?"

"Not really. They just go somewhere else for the politics. Who could possibly think that a site called "Yaw and Mog" discusses politics? So is there something you absolutely want to talk about, in spite of having no audience for it here?"

"Well yes, Yaw. Who are we to say what America's place is in the world?"

"If somebody asked us what we thought was America's place in the world, what would your answer be, Mog?"

"Well, the United States of America represents for me a proud nation that is only about 200 years old, so they really cannot be compared with the great civilisations of the world. But I admire them because they rose from living it out on the prairies to where they are now.

"Therefore, I think America's place in the world is: to set an example to those who want to succeed. Other countries have done just that. Singapore has risen to great heights from its colonialised past. China is one nation that does its utmost best to provide dignity to its people, in spite of a difference in the definition of discipline and rights between the people and their government. Many countries have set a good example not only for their youths but also for the world."

"Invasion, that's what it was, Mog. The poor native American Indian, outnumbered in their own country. Less than one percent is all that remains of the native American population. The immigrant American has poorly defined his place in the world."

"Maybe they have, Yaw. They are known to be the ignorant and greedy hegemony, and perhaps that's what they want to be known as."

"… Let's return to the forums and rant there."

"We could talk about Europe."

"That's a good idea… but we won't have an audience for that here, either."

"We probably don't have an audience at all, Mog."