bottle.jpeg"Our colleague at the office makes life difficult for everybody," Dulmog complained, as he drove out of the office parking lot onto the main road.

"Some people are motivated by spite," Abayaw replied, "and show it by throwing a spanner in the works."

"And look at that ostentatiously long automobile," Dulmog said, pointing to a car on the street. "Some guys just have to show off their wealth, huh?"

"Oh, he's probably compensating for other things, Mog."

"Hey!" Dulmog cried, as he stepped on the brakes. "Did you see that, Yaw? She crossed the street without looking! She could have gotten killed!"

"Her boyfriend probably broke off with her. That tends to make one absentminded."

"Well, aren't we tolerant, Yaw."

"It's not that, Mog. Have you heard about the philosopher's stones? There was this philosopher who carried an empty bottle with him. He filled it up with large stones and explained to anyone who would listen that these represented what were important in life: your family, your work, your friends and your happiness–things like that.

"Then he added pebbles in the bottle. He said that these were the other things in your life: like your hobbies, your computer, your music–things like that.

"And finally he added sand that filled the chinks among the stones and pebbles. This he said represented the unimportant things in your life. Do you know what those are, Mog? Then he emptied the bottle and filled it first with sand, then he tried to put the stones and the pebbles, but these could no longer fit in the bottle.

"What that philosopher was trying to say, Mog, is that you shouldn't sweat the small stuff. There are far worse things in life. Discern what are important and what are not."