blindjustice.jpg “Do you know in what situation GWBush can be relieved from office, Mog?”

“Yaw, you’re back! That was a quick break! And what situation is that, Yaw?”

“Give the American people a replacement. If the American people were given the means to remove Bush from office, they would grab it.”

“But didn’t that happen in the last election, Yaw?”

“No, it’s not in an election that will accomplish that, Mog. The last election was not a voice of the the more intelligent American electorate. This was the result of a vast propaganda campaign masterminded by Rove to woo the religious right, and the rigging of the Diebold machines. There was also doubt in the results of the first election of GWBush, and the Electorate College should be revised because of this.”

“You mean impeachment, then?”

“But more than just impeachment because this would result in having Cheney taking over, and he is a far worse evil than the other.”

“You can’t mean a coup d’etat? That sounds drastic, but it just might be plausible, the American military Generals being unhappy with Rumsfeld… But perhaps the United Nations can do something here?”

“It is the responsibility of the United Nations to ensure peace, but where the terror-monger is the host, their hands are effectively tied behind their backs… and there’s Bolton to make it difficult for the UN to do anything.”

“So you suggest a very Third World event on a First World nation. And who would your choice be to take his place?”

“After the Generals take over, then they would put in place someone who can clean up the mess Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and Bolton have created. He would need to be someone of impeccable morals and who really knows what is wrong with America. His name is Bill Moyers.”

“But a coup d’etat would be a very undemocratic move, Yaw. I’m sure Moyers would not accept the post under those conditions.”

“Stopping insanity requires drastic measures, Mog. America is in a mess and its government has created havoc around the world. The democratic processes leave alot to be desired and if nothing drastic can be done, then we shall continue to wallow in the quagmire.”


thai-military.jpg  It worked in Thailand: Thais cheery over military coup