stop.jpg "I need to take a break, Mog."

"A break from what, Yaw?"

"A break from the horrors of America's so-called war on terror — their euphemistic term for stealing the major natural resource of Iraq. I am horrified by the injustices and war crimes by this once great nation, perpetuated in the name of freedom and democracy.

"I am horrified by Israel's relentless killing of the Palestinian people. Israel may have the right to exist, but not at the expense of the Palestinians and the Arab world."

"If you're closing your eyes to these horrors, Yaw, that won't make the problems go away. Or are we getting numb here?"

"No, I'm not closing my eyes, Mog. I need time to think of the how-and-what-and-who-and-where."

"You're not the only one thinking of that, and there are probably those that are in a better position to act on a solution than you can. Do you believe you can solve the world's problems, Yaw?"

"Certainly not Mog, but ideas start from a seed… a grain of sand. I'm getting all philosophical here now. When several ideas are put together, a solution just might be in the making. If we all contribute to a solution that began as a grain of sand, someone's little idea might just do the trick to make it work."

"We'll need quite a bit of sand here, Yaw. But we'll be waiting for you…"