cia_logo.jpeg "America's supremacy seems to boil down to their major goal of Foreign Policy, and that is to preserve their economic and political interests around the world."

"And how have they gone about doing that, Yaw?"

"There's an Agency charged with that task. Its mandate is to make sure that America's sources of income abroad are untouched by grumbling peasants. If no one approaches their dish of national interests, the bulldog remains in his kennel. The Americans use the argument that there is a threat of war–from communists to terrorists–in order to maintain their military power. But the war they are waging is an economic battle supported by military might.

"They have conducted covert operations in over twenty countries in order to destabilise these foreign governments, creating an illusion of worldwide instability. Bombing-by-proxy is one of the tricks in their trade."

"Why don't the American people and the international community see through the farce, Yaw?"

"Propaganda, Mog, is an excellent camouflage. All that rhetoric flying around about the American government's mission to save the world is all bull."

"Those grumbling peasants have organised themselves into very strong groups of rebels… But, Yaw, these terrorists seem to be only after the Americans and their allies. This so-called worldwide terrorism is only directed towards them, the instigating terrorist."

"The UN seems to be hindered in their work as an effective keeper of the peace. André Malraux once expressed the idea that the headquarters of the United Nations should be transferred to Geneva from New York. The guest must show deference to the host–and their headquarters being located in the United States considerably weakens the UN status as an impartial international body."

"Only the UN can stop them, Yaw?"

"Legally, yes. That is why they've put someone like Bolton to create mayhem at the UN."