April 2006

bottle.jpeg"Our colleague at the office makes life difficult for everybody," Dulmog complained, as he drove out of the office parking lot onto the main road.

"Some people are motivated by spite," Abayaw replied, "and show it by throwing a spanner in the works."

"And look at that ostentatiously long automobile," Dulmog said, pointing to a car on the street. "Some guys just have to show off their wealth, huh?"

"Oh, he's probably compensating for other things, Mog."

"Hey!" Dulmog cried, as he stepped on the brakes. "Did you see that, Yaw? She crossed the street without looking! She could have gotten killed!"

"Her boyfriend probably broke off with her. That tends to make one absentminded."

"Well, aren't we tolerant, Yaw."

"It's not that, Mog. Have you heard about the philosopher's stones? There was this philosopher who carried an empty bottle with him. He filled it up with large stones and explained to anyone who would listen that these represented what were important in life: your family, your work, your friends and your happiness–things like that.

"Then he added pebbles in the bottle. He said that these were the other things in your life: like your hobbies, your computer, your music–things like that.

"And finally he added sand that filled the chinks among the stones and pebbles. This he said represented the unimportant things in your life. Do you know what those are, Mog? Then he emptied the bottle and filled it first with sand, then he tried to put the stones and the pebbles, but these could no longer fit in the bottle.

"What that philosopher was trying to say, Mog, is that you shouldn't sweat the small stuff. There are far worse things in life. Discern what are important and what are not."


blindjustice.jpg “Do you know in what situation GWBush can be relieved from office, Mog?”

“Yaw, you’re back! That was a quick break! And what situation is that, Yaw?”

“Give the American people a replacement. If the American people were given the means to remove Bush from office, they would grab it.”

“But didn’t that happen in the last election, Yaw?”

“No, it’s not in an election that will accomplish that, Mog. The last election was not a voice of the the more intelligent American electorate. This was the result of a vast propaganda campaign masterminded by Rove to woo the religious right, and the rigging of the Diebold machines. There was also doubt in the results of the first election of GWBush, and the Electorate College should be revised because of this.”

“You mean impeachment, then?”

“But more than just impeachment because this would result in having Cheney taking over, and he is a far worse evil than the other.”

“You can’t mean a coup d’etat? That sounds drastic, but it just might be plausible, the American military Generals being unhappy with Rumsfeld… But perhaps the United Nations can do something here?”

“It is the responsibility of the United Nations to ensure peace, but where the terror-monger is the host, their hands are effectively tied behind their backs… and there’s Bolton to make it difficult for the UN to do anything.”

“So you suggest a very Third World event on a First World nation. And who would your choice be to take his place?”

“After the Generals take over, then they would put in place someone who can clean up the mess Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and Bolton have created. He would need to be someone of impeccable morals and who really knows what is wrong with America. His name is Bill Moyers.”

“But a coup d’etat would be a very undemocratic move, Yaw. I’m sure Moyers would not accept the post under those conditions.”

“Stopping insanity requires drastic measures, Mog. America is in a mess and its government has created havoc around the world. The democratic processes leave alot to be desired and if nothing drastic can be done, then we shall continue to wallow in the quagmire.”


thai-military.jpg  It worked in Thailand: Thais cheery over military coup

freehao.jpg China: Hao Wu Held Without Charge: Global Voices Northeast Asia editor, blogger, and filmmaker Hao Wu still has not been charged or given access to a lawyer. We still don’t know where he is.

Committee to Protect Journalists: CPJ demands release of filmmaker and blogger Wu Hao: Wu, a Chinese citizen who returned home in 2004 after living in the United States since 1992, was working on a documentary about unregistered Christian churches in China—a politically sensitive subject.

An earlier documentary, Beijing or Bust, dealt with young U.S.-born Chinese living in Beijing. Wu also wrote under the name Beijing Loafer in his blog, also called Beijing or Bust, which is censored in China. Wu uses the name Tian Yi when writing for the U.S.-based international bloggers’ network Global Voices.

On February 24, Wu’s editing equipment and several videotapes were removed from the apartment in Beijing where he had been staying. News of his detention was made public with his family’s permission only after attempts by his friends and relatives to obtain his release failed.

Wu has been able to phone his family several times and his roommate once since his arrest, but judging from the tone of the conversations he was not able to speak freely, friends said. They suspect he is being held somewhere in Beijing.

Global Voices Online: Petition for Hao Wu’s Release
Radio Free Asia

update: Hao Wu Released

stop.jpg "I need to take a break, Mog."

"A break from what, Yaw?"

"A break from the horrors of America's so-called war on terror — their euphemistic term for stealing the major natural resource of Iraq. I am horrified by the injustices and war crimes by this once great nation, perpetuated in the name of freedom and democracy.

"I am horrified by Israel's relentless killing of the Palestinian people. Israel may have the right to exist, but not at the expense of the Palestinians and the Arab world."

"If you're closing your eyes to these horrors, Yaw, that won't make the problems go away. Or are we getting numb here?"

"No, I'm not closing my eyes, Mog. I need time to think of the how-and-what-and-who-and-where."

"You're not the only one thinking of that, and there are probably those that are in a better position to act on a solution than you can. Do you believe you can solve the world's problems, Yaw?"

"Certainly not Mog, but ideas start from a seed… a grain of sand. I'm getting all philosophical here now. When several ideas are put together, a solution just might be in the making. If we all contribute to a solution that began as a grain of sand, someone's little idea might just do the trick to make it work."

"We'll need quite a bit of sand here, Yaw. But we'll be waiting for you…"

cia_logo.jpeg "America's supremacy seems to boil down to their major goal of Foreign Policy, and that is to preserve their economic and political interests around the world."

"And how have they gone about doing that, Yaw?"

"There's an Agency charged with that task. Its mandate is to make sure that America's sources of income abroad are untouched by grumbling peasants. If no one approaches their dish of national interests, the bulldog remains in his kennel. The Americans use the argument that there is a threat of war–from communists to terrorists–in order to maintain their military power. But the war they are waging is an economic battle supported by military might.

"They have conducted covert operations in over twenty countries in order to destabilise these foreign governments, creating an illusion of worldwide instability. Bombing-by-proxy is one of the tricks in their trade."

"Why don't the American people and the international community see through the farce, Yaw?"

"Propaganda, Mog, is an excellent camouflage. All that rhetoric flying around about the American government's mission to save the world is all bull."

"Those grumbling peasants have organised themselves into very strong groups of rebels… But, Yaw, these terrorists seem to be only after the Americans and their allies. This so-called worldwide terrorism is only directed towards them, the instigating terrorist."

"The UN seems to be hindered in their work as an effective keeper of the peace. André Malraux once expressed the idea that the headquarters of the United Nations should be transferred to Geneva from New York. The guest must show deference to the host–and their headquarters being located in the United States considerably weakens the UN status as an impartial international body."

"Only the UN can stop them, Yaw?"

"Legally, yes. That is why they've put someone like Bolton to create mayhem at the UN."