chickenlittle.gif Controversial issues do raise hackles, and themes on this site do just that. I do not profess to know everything, but do consider other ideas that you may not agree with and why.

One such theme here is the existence or non-existence of an Omniscient Being. If He does exist, what a hash He has made of Humanity. Many think that the world is what it is because of "free will." But shouldn't God have known the dire consequences of giving Man the ability to decide what he does?

Beliefs have evolved during thousands of years, and you might ask: Who am I to change the world with other ideas?

Another theme here is on the imperialistic arrogance of one world superpower. Absolute power corrupts, and coveting the natural resources of other countries under the label of national interests is a blatant abuse of power.

But then again, you could ask: Who am I to change the world on a blog?

Remember the chicken who went around the streets of New York with a placard saying that the sky was falling? In the final analysis, the world is indifferent and apathetic.

So if you couldn't care less about non-mainstream thinking, nor warnings about the future, you would have participated in the destruction of the world by Western corporate governments by your ambivalence, and the misunderstanding of civilisations wrought by your ignorance.