remember_saro_wiwa.jpg On the 10th of November 1995, Ken Saro Wiwa was hanged at Port Harcourt in Nigeria. He committed no crime–he was hanged for his ideas. He was appalled by the poverty of his people, the Ogoni tribe, whose land was exploited for oil by foreign petroleum companies. Ken Saro-Wiwa brought this issue to worldwide attention through his writings and protests in the streets.

A military tribunal found Ken Saro Wiwa, together with eight other protesters “guilty of killing four Ogoni chiefs.” It was an obvious set-up in order to silence them.

Oil corporations show no compassion nor social responsibility while they earn billions of US dollars off the back of the poor. Some First-World governments are complicit to this shameful immorality. Nigeria, Iran, Iraq… Are we so blind to reality?

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