mahmoud_ahmadinejad.jpg   You will find expressions of anti-Semitism all over the world. Some are expressed in discreet ways–a cold shoulder or an apathetic look, while others are expressed in bolder ways–the desecration of tombs or holding a conference on a World Without Zionism.The obvious question is: Why does Israel have so many enemies? We all know from Biblical times that the Jews had Jesus Christ crucified and the Christian world find it difficult to accept Jews as Christians. Also, Jews were slaves in the Arab world, but they became a wealthy class of merchants which in the 19th century was the envy of many who were not wealthy. They were ostracised in every possible way.

Then someone took it upon himself to rid the world of Jews. He did not succeed but because of that War, the State of Israel was created in 1948. And here I believe, lies the crux of the problem the world faces today.

In creating the State of Israel, the sovereignty of the Palestine State was severely compromised. Israel claimed the land of Palestine for their own–land that the Palestinians have lived on for thousands of years. And through time and wars, Israel also took bits of land from other Arab nations. Why Israel created enemies of its neighbours, will we ever know?

Israel is extremely manipulative, motivated perhaps by a will to survive. They succeeded in turning public opinion against its Arab neighbours. In addition to this, Israel has a powerful friend–one with a military power unrivalled by any of Israel's enemies. Through the years, the situation has become more and more complex.

If only Israel had made friends with its neighbours instead… The only impossible solution would be for Israel to move out of the neighbourhood. Or they could drastically change their attitude and behave in a way that they would be welcomed instead of despised. It does sound utopian, but diplomacy is always the better road to that of war.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Wipe Israel Off the Map
Jews For Justice for Palestinians

Israel's Arab Policy: The policy portrayed is one of deliberate Israeli acts of provocation, intended to generate Arab hostility and thus to create pretexts for armed action and territorial expansion. Sharett's [diary] document this policy of "sacred terrorism" and expose the myths of Israel's "security needs" and the "Arab threat"…

update: Ahmadinejad Did Not Say – "Wipe Israel Off The Map"