snakesinthegrass.jpg  US Troops Starve Iraqi Citizens: A senior United Nations official has accused US-led coalition troops of depriving Iraqi civilians of food and water in breach of humanitarian law. “A drama is taking place in total silence in Iraq, where the coalition’s occupying forces are using hunger and deprivation of water as a weapon of war against the civilian population,” Mr Ziegler told a press conference.

United States Caught in the Act of Setting Up a Car Bomb in Iraq: Iraqis apprehended two Americans disguised in Arab dress as they tried to blow up a booby-trapped car in the middle of a residential area in western Baghdad on Tuesday. … Local people found they looked suspicious so they detained the men before they could get away.

Bush Declares Torture Vital to US Security: In an extraordinary declaration of the brutality of American foreign policy, the Bush administration denounced a Senate vote to bar the use of torture against prisoners held by the US military. Responding to the passage of an amendment to a Pentagon spending bill—approved by an overwhelming 90-9 vote Wednesday, the White House said the proposal would “restrict the president’s authority to protect Americans effectively from terrorist attack and bring terrorists to justice.”

U.S. Military to Buy Huge Quantities of Anthrax: It has been revealed that the U.S. army plans to buy large quantities of Anthrax, raising questions over its commitment to treaties aimed at controlling the spread of biological weapons. reported that Edward Hammond, director of the Sunshine Project, a U.S.-German organisation that designed to prevent the use of biological and chemical weapons, discovered numerous contracts that relate to the U.S. army’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, in which they ask companies to tender for the production of huge quantities of a non-virulent strain of anthrax, and equipment to produce other biological agents.

America’s Torture Flights: The “extraordinary renditions” programme, which breaches every law on international human rights, sees the United States target suspected terrorists anywhere in the world, kidnap them, drug them, cuff and blindfold them, bundle them on to a secret CIA jet and whisk them off to a “friendly” nation such as Egypt, Uzbekistan or Morocco, where “friendly” secret policemen can torture, rape and murder them.

When the US arrests these people, it has no proof that they are terrorists. It is working on suspicion. No court will ever hear the accusations or test the evidence. These people are being “disappeared” by Western democracies.