sidgau-tm.jpg A young father was away on business when bandits came, burnt down the whole village and took his son away. When the father returned, he came upon the ruins of the village and wept uncontrollably when he found a burnt corpse of an infant he thought to be his son. A cremation ceremony was organised and the father collected the ashes in a little bag which he always kept with him.

Soon afterwards, the real son escaped from the bandits and found his way home. He arrived at midnight at his father’s new cottage and knocked at the door. The father still grieving, asked, “Who is it?”

The child answered, “It is me Papa, open the door!” But convinced that his son was dead, the father thought that some young boy was making fun of him. He shouted: “Go away!” and after a while, the child left. The father and son never saw each other again.

Sometime, somewhere, you take something to be the truth. If you cling to it so much, even when the truth comes in person and knocks on your door, you will not open it.

Buddhist Stories: The Lost Son