America was influential in deciding the outcome of World War II. The Pearl Harbour attack by Japan was meant to disable America’s naval fleet in order for Japan to have free reign with their savagery on the nations of South East Asia. We know now what a strategic disaster that was for Japan.

Then Nazi Germany declared war on the United States soon after the attack on Pearl Harbour. President Roosevelt, the greatest President of the United States, rallied his nation and catapulted the United States of America to fame as the Hero of Europe and Asia.

No subsequent president has been able to emulate the statesman that was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. From Harry S Truman who created the Agency that has terrorised nations around the world with the mandate of protecting America’s financial interests, to John F Kennedy’s anti-communist rhetoric and support of a coup leading to war in Vietnam, a war continued by Lyndon B Johnson and Richard M Nixon–a war on an ideology deemed incompatible with America’s interests, to the illusionary Ronald W Reagan’s Star Wars defence system, and on to probably the worst of the lot, George W Bush–it has gone downhill all the way.

Bush has single-handedly destroyed America’s “hero” reputation. No longer does the international community look upon America as the guardian of peace but rather, a nation of aggressors. This country is so despised and its president, the object of ridicule.

Before this situation gets any worse than it already is, drastic actions by the American people is imperative. It is not for the civilised world to take measures against America’s foreign policies, but if forced to do so, what shame for this once great nation.