mandala.gif We have an objective in mind or a goal to achieve, and accomplishing this objective is either easy or difficult. When difficult, how do we remain strong in spite of obstacles to accomplishing it?

At a monastery to learn zazen meditation with Buddhist monks, one of the daily chores was to shine the floor of a long wooden corridor. Silly it was, I thought, all the monks shining this floor everyday, with everybody at the monastery walking across it in socks. You could have your meals off this floor, it was so clean.

Then it dawned upon me–my moment of enlightenment. I realised that there was more to this chore of shining the floor. It was meant to strengthen character–a blind resolve to accomplish what is meant to be accomplished. It was an exercise in determination. But the monks won’t tell you that. Buddhists are fond of enigmas, and you have to find out those hidden meanings on your own.

So when we come across people who don’t finish what they’ve started, they could learn a thing or two from shining floors.