August 2005

wti_logo.gif World Tribunal on Iraq: In February 2003, weeks before an illegal war was initiated against Iraq, millions of people protested in the streets of the world. That call went unheeded. No international institution had the courage or conscience to stand up to the threat of aggression of the US and UK governments. No one could stop them. It is two years later now. Iraq has been invaded, occupied, and devastated. The attack on Iraq is an attack on justice, on liberty, on our safety, on our future, on us all. We, people of conscience, decided to stand up. We formed the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) to demand justice and a peaceful future.

The Final Statement by the Jury of Conscience of the World Tribunal on Iraq calls for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to indict, prosecute, and punish the perpetrators and collaborators for the aggression against Iraq and the related international crimes arising from the subsequent occupation of the country. The statement lists the violations in international law committed during and after this war and also provides recommendations for the prevention of future illegal and illegitimate action.

The Statement relies upon the extensive testimony given in written and oral form by international law experts during the Culminating Session of the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) in Istanbul between 23-27 June 2005. It also reflects the testimony and submissions on related issues of war crimes and the failure of the United Nations to protect Iraq against aggression.


benigno_aquino.jpg   American Presence in the Philippines: American presence in the Philippines began when the United States sought Philippine assistance in their war with Spain, promising independence from Spanish colonial rule. But after winning that war in 1898, the US “purchased” the Philippines from Spain for $20 million. To enforce its “ownershp” of the Philippines, the US military brutally slaughtered over a million Filipinos (15% of the population) during the Philippine-American War, the longest war in American history (1899-1913).

When the US granted nominal independence to the Philippines in 1946, it required the new “independent” government to agree to the presence of 20 US military bases, the largest of which were Clark Air Field and Subic Naval Base. The Americans used the Philippines as a staging ground from which to launch military attacks on China (1900 and 1927), the Soviet Union (1918-20), Korea (1950-53), Indonesia (1958), Vietnam (1964-75), Cambodia (1978) and Iraq (1990).

Ferdinand Marcos: Philippine President between 1965 to 1986, his close ties with the United States gave him power to exercise dictatorial control over the country. In 1971, Marcos declared martial law and proceeded to dismantle democratic institutions, outlaw popular organisations, and arrest and torture dissidents. The US not only maintained its support for Marcos, it also tripled its military aid for his martial law government, in exchange for the exploitation of the country’s natural resources and the use of military bases in the country.

On this day, the 21st of August in 1983, one man challenged the dictatorship and kleptocracy of Ferdinand Marcos. But on the tarmac of the Manila International Airport, Benigno Aquino was shot as he returned to the Philippines. His assassination united the Philippine people to challenge the Marcos regime and three years later, Marcos was ousted from office in a peaceful People’s Power Revolution which the Americans did not disrupt with covert grenade and bombing operations, Marcos no longer useful to America’s interests.

One man. It took one man to bring back democracy and freedom to a country whose national identity remains mired by its colonial past.

Quite a number of people are unaware of the fact that atrocities committed by the United States have been going on from the time they slaughtered the native Americans to claim their country for their own, to the present time of claiming the natural resources of other nations for their own. Spouting democracy and freedom, America's propaganda machinery paints them them as good-doers for which other nations lesser than themselves should be jealous of.

News the public is fed with is controlled by powerful people. The Washington Post for example, is a government mouthpiece, and yet reported the Watergate scandal. Nixon was meant to be ousted by what appears to be gangster-type corporate powers stronger than the American presidency.

We can also infer from current events that there must be a joint collaboration between the CIA (and corporate powers) and the Mossad. Both share common objectives, ie the CIA: to protect America's economic interests worldwide; and Mossad: to protect Israeli's interests in the Middle East, which happens to include America's oil fields interests. The Israeli propaganda machinery has succeeded in having the world turn against Arab nations and against the Islam religion (the Al Qaeda scapegoat), but more importantly, the Israelis have also succeeded in having the most powerful nation's military support against their Arab enemies.

So amidst all the media rhetoric of the idiocies of George W Bush, the Cheney-Halliburton rapacious connection, Condi's spouting American demands in the international arena, Karl Rove's mad disinformation and smear campaigns, Rumsfeld's blind-mouthing of Guantanamo-Abu Ghraib all-is-fine-and-well-on-the-Eastern-front, on top of which all the boot-licking senators and congressmen, and the mainstream media's hands-tied-behind-their-backs fearing for their livelihoods and their lives–amid all that we ask: What will it take to end this appalling abuse of power?

What is needed is a very drastic shift in American government policies and the dissolution of certain CIA functions, two of which are the CIA's penchant for proxy wars, and their financial and logistic support of groups of murderers around the world (ex: the Savak, a group of vicious killers under the appellation of "police" established by the Americans and the British in Iran, and Operation Phoenix set up by the Americans in Asia, which saw the murder of thousands of Asians, many of whom were simply unhappy students and farmers).

Unfortunately, Americans are paranoid with fear, a fear which those in power have found most effective to put the people in a "group-think" hysteria that they must be united against the world. They are killing children in Iraq and America's moral indifference is appalling. This is akin to religion in the Middle Ages, where the fear of hell was used to subjugate the people and burning them at the stake for no other crime than being different or being more intelligent than average.

But Americans in general are not malicious. They are simply ignorant. They are not taught to be critical thinkers, but to accept everything without doubt and without question in mainstream media. Americans are also deeply religious.

The minority of Americans who are intellectuals, are too few and too weak to effect any change. Many voice their disgust with their government on the Internet. But it took only one Mahatma Gandhi to benefit India. It took only one Kemal Ataturk to benefit Turkey. It took only one Lee Kwan Yu to benefit Singapore. Where is America's One Man?

Another realistic way is to (1) have the International Criminal Court in the Hague prosecute Americans, AND to (2) transfer the United Nations to a neutral nation in Europe so that accountability for invasions, the trampling of human rights and crimes of this nature are condemned with sanctions by this international organisation.

Accountability is the key word here, and corporate America must be held accountable for crimes against all humanity.

Petrodollar Warfare: The Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse: Current geopolitical tensions between the United States and Iran extend beyond the publicly stated concerns regarding Iran’s nuclear intentions. Similar to the Iraq war, military operations against Iran relate to the unpublicized but real challenge to U.S. dollar supremacy from the euro as an alternative oil transaction currency.

It is now obvious the invasion of Iraq had less to do with any threat from Saddam Hussein’s [so-called] WMD program and certainly less to do to do with fighting International terrorism. [It had] to do with gaining strategic control over Iraq’s hydrocarbon reserves and in doing so maintain the U.S. dollar as the monopoly currency for the critical international oil market. ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ was a war designed to install a pro-U.S. government in Iraq, establish multiple U.S military bases, and to reconvert Iraq back to petrodollars while hoping to thwart further OPEC momentum towards the euro as an alternative oil transaction currency.

Next on America’s Hit List:
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Korea (4th largest dollar reserve holding) to Limit Its Dollar Holdings
China: Composition of Currency Basket Revealed (No Longer Fixed Against the American Dollar)

Schroder warns Bush against Iran military action
The Real Reason For the Upcoming War with Iraq: The Petro-Currency Shift to Euro Decided by Saddam Hussein

US Openly Supports Iranian Terrorists, by William Van Wagenen: The Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) is a Marxist oriented Iranian resistance organization founded in the 1960’s to topple the pro- western regime of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. Since that time, MEK has carried out scores of attacks and assassinated a number of Iranian government officials. MEK killed several American military and civilian personnel in Iran during the 1970’s, and assisted in the occupation of the US embassy in Tehran in 1979 where American civilians were held hostage… The U.S. Department of State added the MEK to its official list of terrorist organizations in 1997, and shut down the organization’s Washington, DC office in 2003.

The U.S. Government is now openly supporting the Mujahideen-e-Khalq. Support for the MEK reveals one of the advantages the U.S. has acquired by occupying Iraq. The country can now be used as a staging post for carrying out attacks against regimes hostile to U.S. interests in the region, whether through proxy organizations such as MEK, or by attacking such countries directly by dispatching U.S. forces based on Iraqi soil. U.S. planners are currently somewhat constrained from using the latter option due to the difficulty they face in pacifying Iraq, so the first option, namely supporting terrorist organizations that are trying to destabilize the Iranian regime, will likely be their preferred course of action until U.S. control of Iraq is fully consolidated.

This kind of hypocrisy reveals much about what the global “war on terror” is really about. It’s not a war against terror as such, but rather a war of terror to subdue resistance to the US designs in the region.

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