Kusadasi-DSCN3527.jpg   There is something about the bombing at Kusadasi in Turkey that is very disturbing. It looks to be the beginning of a campaign to destabilise Turkey. A bombing of this nature — small, random, no specific person or persons targeted in mind, does not aim at any symbolism of any sort which most radical groups do, objective is to sow terror by creating mass hysteria, general social and political instability usually via proxy set-ups of vague antecedents — is a common modus operandi of America’s CIA.

The United States has done this before, in nations such as Guatemala and the Philippines. When Communism was their scapegoat, the CIA planted communist leaflets after bombing churches in Guatemala. When Philippine students demonstrated on the streets to express their disgust with Marcos’s corrupt government, CIA operatives threw grenades in their midst. But while these interventions were to protect America’s commercial interests, there is a similar but somewhat different objective here in Turkey.

What does America need Turkey for? Global power. Global reach. Turkey bridges Europe and Asia. It is strategically located to protect America’s interests in the region. Military bases in Turkey were used for America’s invasion of Iraq. Turkey’s neighbours also include Iran and Syria.

America’s thinking is that if they brought terrorism to Turkey’s door, Turkey will turn to them for protection–as the pigeons did with the fox in Aesop’s fable.

I was in Kusadashi five days before the bombing of the minivan. Quite a number of Americans were there, and yet the bombing of the minivan took the lives of a Briton, an Irish and three Turks. Kurd separatists, a convenient scapegoat in that part of the world, have denied responsibility. The other scapegoat, Al-Qaeda could have nothing to do with this, as they would target Americans instead. No, the paw-prints of a Fox is clear here and so is it’s specific objective.

While bombings by the CIA have been to destabilise a targeted nation’s infrastructure in order to protect commercial interests, their objective for Turkey is to secure them as an ally and extend America’s global reach in the region in a future attempt at installing American military bases there or having a military presence in the country.

I am not the only one to see through the farce. While driving from Kusadashi to Izmir, I passed a breaker-wall between the beach along the Aegean Sea and the coastal road. A graffito on the wall read: America, You Are Such Great Liars.

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