indymedialogo.gif The Social Movement in Bolivia: Since May 17th, tens of thousands of Bolivians have flooded the streets, blockaded highways, and laid seige to Congress, demanding the nationalization of hydrocarbons, successfully forcing the resignation of President Carlos Mesa, and calling for Congress to be replaced by a People’s Assembly.

These actions are being coordinated by a broad coalition made up of members of the El Alto Regional Workers’ Federation, Aymara campesinos from across the altiplano, a rural teachers’ union, miners’ groups, the landless peasants’ movement, unemployed workers’ organizations, student groups, coca farmers, and many others.

Of course, you would never hear the voices of these groups in the corporate media, which has been falling all over itself to cover the reactions of the transnational corporations that are slated to lose money if Bolivia’s resources fall into the hands of Bolivia’s people.

Please support Bolivia’s Independent Media—they are amplifying the voices of the social movements.

(See extended entry of this post on what actions you can take to help Indymedia Bolivia):

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Indymedia Bolivia needs our support to continue their coverage from the perspective of the social movements. Two actions to take:

1. Donate money to Indymedia Bolivia. Right now, this is the most crucial way to support IMC Bolivia. They really need funds for:

* cameras
* a video editing system
* cell phone bills
* transportation
* food
* a million other things

Funds that are donated in the next few days will be especially important, because they can be used to purchase key equipment to be brought to Bolivia by a solidarity team of 3 activists from US IMCs that is heading there in the next 2-3 weeks.

You can make donations through Free Geek in Portland (please note in the ‘comments’ box at the bottom of the page that your contribution is for IMC Bolivia): Contribution via FreeGeek

2. Donate equipment: IMC Bolivia especially needs computers that can edit video, video cameras, and photo cameras. Contact Computers for Bolivia Project [ Help Support Computers for Bolivia Project ] or email [ ] for details.

Let’s show the strength of solidarity.

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