net.jpg Little minds do not often see the big picture. There is a French expression to describe these people: They only see as far as the tip of their nose. And the French in the No camp are just that — little people.

They have brought up issues that have absolutely nothing to do with the EU Constitution. Issues like their domestic economy, French unemployment levels and their unhappiness with Chirac. They are also afraid of having Muslim Turkey in the EU–and it does not come into their little minds that the Turks being outnumbered, could be more hesitant of Christians than they are of them. The French are also afraid of the free-market policies in the Constitution, spoiled as they are with their French social perks and social security advantages.

Petty. That is all quite very petty. You see, there will be very serious repercussions of a negative vote and the major one is that for the Euro. The euro will challenge the dollar — and this alone has serious implications for the world. If the European Union is to be a strong force in the global arena, it will need a foundation, a framework based on a Constitution. But the European Union should be able to move along without a Constitution. It has done so since its inception. Great Britain is ruled without one.

There should never have been a referendum in the first place. How can France allow waiters, factory workers, street sweepers, farmers, truck drivers, les ramasseurs du crottes decide the destiny of Europe? They don’t know what the issues are, nor where their next piece of baguette will come from if Europe should fail. France should have left this decision to the Parliament.


• In Tokyo, 85% of French expatriates voted YES.

Farmers and the Working Classes Top the No Vote: French farmers, workers and public servants showed the strongest hostility to the EU constitution, while students, professionals and wealthier people were more keen to support it.

Citizens with higher education diplomas proved to be more in favour of the treaty than those with no degrees or with basic qualifications. Those earning significantly above average standards also showed more support for the constitution.

French men gave a louder “non” to the constitution than women, with 57 per cent voting against…

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another update: Chirac rebuffs Blair on EU budget: Even as he called for unity among European Union members in the midst of a crisis over the bloc’s future, Chirac said he was not prepared to discuss changes to the EU’s agricultural policy, which greatly benefits French farmers.
(French farmers… and they voted “NO”. Tsk, tsk…)

update: EU Does Not Need Constitution