global warming.jpeg Europeans Would Realize Kyoto Treaty Without U.S.: President Bush and leaders of the 15 European Union countries clashed sharply Thursday over global warming policy, with the Europeans saying they would move to implement the Kyoto climate treaty without the United States.

“We say we agree to disagree,” Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson said while sharing a platform with a grim-faced Bush. “The European Union will stick to the Kyoto Protocol and go for a ratification process. The U.S. has chosen another policy.” Bush reiterated his objections to the treaty.

Others were [also] miffed by a call from Bush for expansion of the EU as well as the NATO military alliance. “I strongly believe in NATO expansion, and I believe that the EU ought to expand, as well,” Bush said. The EU has plans to expand, but European leaders are sensitive about having policy dictated by the United States.

Chris Patten, EU commissioner for external affairs, said that because the United States isn’t an EU member, it wasn’t the Americans’ concern. “I don’t imagine for one moment the United States intends to overlook that rather important consideration,” Patten said.