iraqicaptives.jpg grievingfather.jpg The cities of Iraq face almost daily bombings from the American-led coalition forces. The Americans raid houses, shoot what they “deem” are insurgents, jail what they deem are rebels, torture and belittle captives.

But there are “other” bombings, if indeed these are rebel-led. Where do they get their munitions and bombs from, and why kill their own people? There’s tribal rivalry there, yes I know. But it was never like this before the Americans invaded the country.

Yet with so many Iraqis killed by the Americans and so many “rebel-blamed” car bombings going on, then who are the Americans killing and capturing? Whose houses are the Americans breaking into? Who are the thousands of Iraqis the Americans have killed?

Civilians. Ordinary civilians. Americans just cannot tell the good guy from the bad guy. It’s exactly what occurred in Afghanistan when the Americans tortured and killed Dilawar, a 22-year old cabdriver who happened to pass by an American contingent with passengers in his cab. The Americans found it funny when he cried out to Allah in pain as he was beaten and hung by the wrists in his cell.

How would you like it if another nation invaded your country? How would you like it if your eyes and mouths were taped shut and you couldn’t tell them that you were innocent or that you needed to go to the bathroom? How would you like your house broken into and your neighbourhood bombed and your children killed? You are inhuman. Your actions show a total lack of respect for humanity. Let’s see the war on your soil, and I wonder if your invaders will show an ounce of respect for you and your family. I wonder if they will find it funny if you cried out to your God.

America, get out of Iraq! Get out of any sovereign nation with rich natural resources. Get out of Afghanistan! Get out of any sovereign nation with which you have selfish vested national interests in. Enough is enough. This has gone far enough.

And just who gave you Americans permission to build military bases in Iraq? Are you there to protect what you are stealing from the Iraqi people? Yes, the oil, their natural resource that belongs to them. You invaded Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein. You invaded Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction. So what are the military bases for? You invaded Iraq under false pretenses.

America, the civilised world should despise you. You are a nation without a sense of honour and without dignity.

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(photo credits: Raed Jarrar and AP)