“Do you remember those years, a long time ago,” Abayaw reminisced, “when we were students clamouring for reforms? Nationalism was an incomprehensible concept with the government.”

“I was there at one of those student demonstrations,” Dulmog recalled, “raising my fist in the air and shouting for Marcos to step down. But I left early to study for a Trig exam. How did you survive that time, Yaw?”

“You mean the M-26A-1 grenade bombing at Plaza Miranda? It was sweltering hot that afternoon, and I just nipped in a cafe for a beer when it happened. The scene was horrendous, Mog. There were many students who died that day, and so many more after that… ”

“Students! We were only students clamouring for change. We were armed only with our ideals!”

“And the grenades that killed the students were American, Mog…”

“What do we do now, Yaw? America has been going around the world stealing the natural resources of other nations through military might and covert CIA operations…. How can they be stopped?”

“Difficult to say, Mog, but there is one possible way: Two-thirds of world trade is dollar-denominated. If OPEC converts oil payments from dollar to euro, the demand for the dollar would plummet and America’s economy with it. ”

“That will certainly put America in its place…”

When Will We Buy Oil in Euros?

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