“You know Yaw, I once lost about ten kilos by starving myself for a week.”

“I don’t think that’s good for your health, Mog. Your whole system goes haywire.”

“Well you see, Yaw, I suffer from dizziness spells and at that time, I was having one really terrible bout where I couldn’t move my head a centimetre without the room spinning madly. So I remained in one frozen position during a week.”

“Good, gosh Mog! How did you recover from that?”

“After a week and ever so slowly, I just had to get up to go to the loo…”

“You didn’t go to the loo for a week?!”

“The last time was to throw up, Yaw. So when I realised I could get up, I crawled into a cab and made for the hospital. Okay, this discussion is getting gooky. So I unintentionally starved myself, and it was not from some eating disorder of any sort.”

“So what was it then?”

“It’s called benign positional vertigo syndrome and is caused by fine hairs in the inner ear getting disturbed. Now how they get messed up, I absolutely have no idea… maybe stress, like getting a nervous eye tic or something like it…

“But I still haven’t made my point, Yaw. Thirteen days… can you imagine, it took thirteen days?”

“What took thirteen days, Mog?”

“To starve to death… Terri Schiavo was intentionally starved to death and it took her thirteen days to die… They just stopped feeding the poor helpless woman. What’s worse is that her entire nation stood by and watched. Just what sort of people can allow that? They could have found a more humane and dignified way… an injection, sleeping pills, a knock on the head…”

“… or Pai Mei’s five-point palm exploding heart technique. So it’s a good thing you needed to go to the loo, Mog.”

“If you have to go, Yaw, you have to go.”