Vain and Hasty judgments seem to be in the making at the office of Prime Minister Koizumi. The Japanese Head of State wants to launch a pre-emptive war against North Korea because it is developing a missile programme and nuclear bomb capabilities.

I think this is a case of: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

True, Bush administration officials have stated that they want to solve through diplomacy the crisis created by North Korea’s resumption of its nuclear weapons program. But those same officials have stressed that all options, including the use of military force, remain on the table. When South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun came to the United States in May, he sought an assurance that the controversial doctrine of preemptive war embedded in the administration’s national security strategy would not apply to North Korea.. U.S. officials rebuffed his request.Are We Headed for War with North Korea?

Two countries pointing a gun at each other. One asks the other to put his weapon down. He says, no. Do the Americans think that North Korea can be so naive as to put his weapon down first when he extends an olive branch to the Americans?

Koizumi jumps in with: North Korea is a threat and they are targeting us (vanity knows no bounds). But for North Korea, it is Japan that is the threat because it is an ally of the United States and North Korea’s defense policy is aimed at the United States.

American propaganda machinery will try to ensure that Japan sees otherwise because their economy depends so much on the “barter trade” they have with Japan (see series of posts on: Deficit Politics), ie the gangland-type arrangement of dollars in exchange for protection.

So why does Koizumi want to jeopardise the lives of the Japanese people for by coming into the fray with a gun also pointed at them? Does not Japan remember the War it initiated in Asia? Forced “Co-prosperity” by attacking sovereign nations? Does not Japan remember that they provoked the United States to joining the War by bombing Pearl Harbour? No more nuclear bombs, you say, but do you not remember that you had brought this on yourself?

North Korea’s military stance, in my assessment, is not for provocation purposes but for defence. They have a form of government that the Western world does not abide with, and a difference in ideologies is not a rational reason for going to war.

Japan, War and North Korea

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