History of Chile: Allende, in an attempt to turn Chile into a socialist state, nationalised many private companies and instituted programs of land reform. In September 1973, with covert American support, the armed forces staged a coup that resulted in Allende’s death and in the execution, detention, or expulsion from Chile of thousands of people.

and Now…

Land Reform in Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is pushing full speed ahead with land reform, an issue that has been one of the most divisive and perennially debated topics in Latin America.

Relations between Washington and Venezuela – which exports the bulk of its oil to the US – have been badly strained since Chavez last month accused Washington of plotting to have him assassinated.

Chavez: US Wants Me Assassinated

… and Still Now.

The United States in the Philippines: …a new global security framework gives the United States guarantees not only for the entrenchment and expansion of its various military installations but also for armed intervention whenever and wherever threats to U.S. vital interests occur.

Former UN secretary general Boutros Boutros-Ghali held the US administration accountable for the rising wave of terrorism, saying Washington’s unilateral approach has fuelled civil wars across the world.

US Behind Global Terrorism

The Campaign Against Opposition to American Domination (Barry McNamara)