ostrich.jpeg    While the world despairs over the situation in Iraq and in Palestine, and civilians lament over the loss of lives and the insanity of politics, the United Nations leadership seems to turn a blind eye.

So while the Powers that can positively change things merely sit back, leaving the fate of the world in the hands of those out of touch with rationality, we too, merely sit back on our sofas and watch Nemo as he finds his way into the ocean, or the amnesiac Jason finds those who want to bring him in from the cold.

You think that the world will somehow find its senses? I don’t think so. The world is being run by those who haven’t hold of their senses. They are blinded by greed or power, and you will find that it is the little people who see, those who have nothing to lose and nothing to gain, like you and me.

But we don’t go around carrying placards, do we? We are not fanatically political, are we? No, we prefer to sit on our sofas and see what Bart is up to this time, and wonder why Walker’s village needs to rely on a mythical demon to keep the people in tow.

Then when the world becomes unbearable and chaotic–and it starts to invade your life, only then you decide to stand up from your sofa and raise your fist at the world. But by that time, it would be too late.