There are good journalists and there are bad ones. There are objective writings and there are opinionated ones. Those people, who should have never been in the world of jounalism with their poor views, do give serious writers a bad name. But this sensationalist trash we see so much of somehow sell.

Serious writers and objective journalism on mainstream media are few indeed. These few writers are unfortunately getting killed for telling the truth or for being in a dangerous environment. We have a lot of respect for these serious and dedicated journalists.

But there is something terribly wrong with the mainstream media. Publishers and editors are greatly influenced by those in power be it in politics or the private sector, to print or to write about certain events with a particular slant or to not write about these events at all.

There is a new kind of writing we see today which can be found on millions of websites and discussion forums on the Net. Some are objective and some are opinionated. We complain about freedom of speech and biased writing, but what we criticise the mainstream media for is to be found also on the Net.

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