DSCN2660.jpg   Billions of dollars in certificates of gold deposits, which were personally packed by President Marcos the night his family fled Malacañang in 1986, disappeared while in the custody of then US Ambassador Stephen Bosworth.

When they arrived in Hickam Air Base in Hawaii, Marcos kept asking American officials about these items and he was told that their personal belongings were being inventoried. When they were given copies of the inventories, Marcos was alarmed to find that the gold certificates were not on the list.

Philippine Daily Inquirer, 31 July 1996

On a recent trip to the Philippines (last week), I met someone with a photocopy of a gold certificate and a letter stating that these were for sale. The name on the letter was American. I didn’t think of it seriously at the time since I was there on other business. This old newspaper clipping made me put two and two together.

P.S. If you CIA spooks think that you can hound me or torture me on this one, think again: If someone came up to you selling lottery tickets, what’s your first reaction? No, thank you. I barely glanced at the name on the letter. Also, I only know this person’s first name (the Filipino who has connections to these certificates). Whether it’s legitimate or not, that I don’t know either. And if I can locate this person again whom I met outside of Manila, then we will know. But if there is a whiff of danger in my inquiries, this post stops here.