Saudi Arabia: Political Overview: “The government needs to repair its legitimacy, which the report argues has been badly battered by the closed and arbitrary nature of the political system, the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the ruling family, and the corruption and profligacy of many of its members.”

(This description sounds very similar to the situation in Iraq when Qasim overthrew its Monarchy in 1958. But this description is dated 2004 and the country being described is Saudi Arabia).

“American pressure on the Saudi government to crack down on Islamic charities, change the school curriculum and liberalise and democratise political life increased. Angered by what was perceived as unwarranted interference in domestic matters, the Saudi leadership was reluctant to take action. But a series of suicide bomb attacks inside the kingdom appeared to convince the government that action should be taken.”

Proxy bombings is a very common modus operandi of the CIA. In this case, America had achieved what it wanted from the Saudis. CIA-provoked bombings are, in most cases, very well disguised as originating from “terrorist groups”–the new scapegoat, replacing the communist bogeyman. Most groups do not have the wherewithal nor the infrastructure to carry out strategic bombings. Some do, and some are really terrorists. But many do not. America steps in to provide the ammunition when it is in their interest that instability reigns.

(If that is difficult for you to believe, ask yourself: Who ultimately benefits from the crime? You will find yourself tracing that to America).