DSCN2490.JPG   I was driving past the Japanese Parliament today and at the stoplight, I took a picture of this man wearing wooden geta slippers and a white kimono. He was carrying a white lantern and a protest placard written in Japanese. I can’t read Japanese, so I don’t know what he was protesting about. Three policemen met him at the crossing to turn him away.

This demonstration of one reminds me of a story I read long ago by Roald Dahl, an account by a soldier during the War. They found a wounded little girl and apparently her entire family was killed by German bombing raids. The soldiers shared their rations with her and decided to take her along until they could find help.

But the German planes returned with their machine guns and their bombs. While the soldiers scrambled for cover, the little girl ran up the road and waved her tiny clenched fist at the planes. Sadly, the machine guns…

This demonstration of one also reminds me a lot about myself and this site–this website dedicated, among other things, to clenching my fist at those in power, those who abuse it.

Katina by Roald Dahl