July 2004

DSCN2660.jpg   Billions of dollars in certificates of gold deposits, which were personally packed by President Marcos the night his family fled Malacañang in 1986, disappeared while in the custody of then US Ambassador Stephen Bosworth.

When they arrived in Hickam Air Base in Hawaii, Marcos kept asking American officials about these items and he was told that their personal belongings were being inventoried. When they were given copies of the inventories, Marcos was alarmed to find that the gold certificates were not on the list.

Philippine Daily Inquirer, 31 July 1996


“Twigs, Yaw, that’s what we all are. When you and I are fighting against an injustice bigger than ourselves, we are but mere twigs, easily broken by those more powerful.”

“What are you talking about, Mog?”

“Look at the major problems of the world. Corruption, incompetence in government, capitalist greed, poverty, American imperialism–you name it, Yaw. So what can we mere twigs do to fight against that? Utopia is a fantasy.”

“Mog, if we unite together to fight for a cause, then perhaps something can be done. You see, a twig by itself is easily broken. But let’s say we put several twigs together. Breaking that as a bundle can’t be done.”

Saudi Arabia: Political Overview: “The government needs to repair its legitimacy, which the report argues has been badly battered by the closed and arbitrary nature of the political system, the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the ruling family, and the corruption and profligacy of many of its members.”

(This description sounds very similar to the situation in Iraq when Qasim overthrew its Monarchy in 1958. But this description is dated 2004 and the country being described is Saudi Arabia).

“American pressure on the Saudi government to crack down on Islamic charities, change the school curriculum and liberalise and democratise political life increased. Angered by what was perceived as unwarranted interference in domestic matters, the Saudi leadership was reluctant to take action. But a series of suicide bomb attacks inside the kingdom appeared to convince the government that action should be taken.”

Proxy bombings is a very common modus operandi of the CIA. In this case, America had achieved what it wanted from the Saudis. CIA-provoked bombings are, in most cases, very well disguised as originating from “terrorist groups”–the new scapegoat, replacing the communist bogeyman. Most groups do not have the wherewithal nor the infrastructure to carry out strategic bombings. Some do, and some are really terrorists. But many do not. America steps in to provide the ammunition when it is in their interest that instability reigns.

(If that is difficult for you to believe, ask yourself: Who ultimately benefits from the crime? You will find yourself tracing that to America).

DSCN2490.JPG   I was driving past the Japanese Parliament today and at the stoplight, I took a picture of this man wearing wooden geta slippers and a white kimono. He was carrying a white lantern and a protest placard written in Japanese. I can’t read Japanese, so I don’t know what he was protesting about. Three policemen met him at the crossing to turn him away.

This demonstration of one reminds me of a story I read long ago by Roald Dahl, an account by a soldier during the War. They found a wounded little girl and apparently her entire family was killed by German bombing raids. The soldiers shared their rations with her and decided to take her along until they could find help.

But the German planes returned with their machine guns and their bombs. While the soldiers scrambled for cover, the little girl ran up the road and waved her tiny clenched fist at the planes. Sadly, the machine guns…

This demonstration of one also reminds me a lot about myself and this site–this website dedicated, among other things, to clenching my fist at those in power, those who abuse it.

Katina by Roald Dahl

America and Israel are birds of a feather. Two young nations engaged in carnage, neither one willing to stop their mad pursuit of vested interests. UN resolutions are really not doing enough to put an end to this insanity.

The International Court of Justice must be given a stronger mandate to enforce the law, with the United Nations overseeing that justice be done. Scolding resolutions do not seem to get the UN anywhere, and the rhetorical whip might do a better job. It is the only language unreasonable children understand.

The ICJ’s authority to rule on the barrier is rejected by Israel

On Friday, the Hague-based International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that the West Bank wall is illegal by standards of international law, and recommended its demolition. The court also said the route of the barrier is not vital to the state’s security, and that compensation must be paid to those Palestinians whose property has been confiscated as a result of the construction.

Israel Brushes Aside World Court

But Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom told the state-run radio on Saturday that the Bush administration had already assured Israel that the US would veto any “anti-Israeli resolution” at the Security Council, and would also resist Arab efforts to mobilise the General Assembly to implement the World Court’s recommendation.

UN Told to Act on Israeli Barrier

The UN General Assembly is likely to meet next week to debate the world court’s ruling that the barrier is illegal and should be dismantled. Israel has said it will ignore the non-binding ruling and is counting on the US to block any action by the UN.

Israel Is Illegally Occupying Palestine

Under UN Resolution 242, Israel is required by international law to withdraw from all the territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem. The United Nation’s General Assembly has repeatedly condemned Israel’s occupation of the territories as illegal (see UN resolutions 338, 1397, and 1402, among others). Israel’s continued occupation of Palestine, sanctioned and maintained by the US, is one of the most serious obstructions to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.


The re-election of Israel’s enemy

pizzachef-thumb.jpg “Can you believe this, Yaw? The pizza delivery guy brought us the pineapple special. Uugh! I asked for pepperoni salami! I gave him a piece of my mind!”

“Mog, the delivery guy had nothing to do with screwing up your pizza order. His job was simply to deliver.”

“Oops… You’re right, Yaw. My reaction was uncalled for.”

“Allow me to put that in a political context, Mog. The same goes for the intelligence on Iraq. The CIA informed the White House there were no weapons, but in spite of that, Bush went and invaded the country–a reaction that was uncalled for. Now he goes blaming the CIA for his actions.”

“But don’t you think, Yaw, that all along, he had another purpose in mind? The CIA is being used as a scapegoat.”

“True, Mog. Bush is saying: Look what you made me do. Go and invade a sovereign country for the purpose of finding weapons of mass destruction. You said there were none, but you didn’t give me what I asked for. Meanwhile I get rid of Saddam Hussein, which was a good publicity ploy. But more importantly, I needed a reason to justify our acquiring exclusive rights to their oil.”

“The problem, Yaw, is that this line of reasoning is far too complicated for the average person to comprehend.”

“You’re right, Mog. They are all going to think that it’s the CIA’s fault and Bush is white-washed. The reaction to the message was its deliberate mis-use and that is where the blame should go.”

US Senate Report on Iraq to Focus on CIA, not White House

Colin Powell affirms that there are no WMDs in Iraq

BBC | 2005.03.31 | US Intelligence Credibility Suffers Blow

“Facts” Derived From Intelligence: Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy… suggesting that the policy of invading Iraq was determined by what the Bush administration was presenting as “facts” derived from intelligence.

May I make a suggestion for the United Nations Organisation: Where each nation attends to its own domestic affairs, the international community suffers when one country has made a serious error in judgment and has voted into office a dysfunctional person who abuses his mandate (like Stalin, Nixon, Idi Amin, and a host of other incompetent heads of state, and some of whom were “placed” there by the Americans like Pol Pot, Marcos and Saddam Hussein). Other countries, through UN Peace-Keeping, end up either trying to keep the peace or fighting someone else’s domestic war.

The United Nations therefore, has the right to claim an imposition of a criteria of what a country’s leadership should be. One criterion that comes to mind is an education in civil service (Hitler, for example, only had a high school education and George W. Bush was a C-student).

Therefore, those vying for the post as their nation’s leader must conform to this United Nations guideline. A system of checks and controls shall ensure that these leaders have a continuing sense of community.

In order for this idea to be acceptable to all nations, the United Nations Headquarters must move to a neutral country in Europe. Likewise, the defence capabilities of all countries must be under the United Nation’s supervision.

The United Nations can be a strong organisation if it takes on the responsibilities of one. The solution suggested here may not be foolproof nor will it guarantee that leaders will be up to par, but guiding the communities of the world on what makes a leader is a significant role that the United Nations should play.

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