In a secret ceremony, US authorities handed power to the interim government in Iraq. The early handover has been described as a deft move and a propaganda coup. It has also been described as symbolic, as the only thing being handed over is administration. Aside from the interim government being just about as American-handpicked as apples in an orchard, and that US forces will remain in Iraq, whatever that piece of paper will tell you is really contrary to what you and I understand as sovereignty.

There are plans to build the largest US Embassy, and it will be in Iraq. American presence will still be felt long after the initial relief of hasty announcements such as this, and that other announcement by George W. Bush a few days after the invasion, that the war in Iraq was over.

And it will never be over, as long as America makes its military presence felt anywhere around the world where they have locked on a sovereign nation’s natural resources. Euphemistically referring to these as their national interests, you will always find revolutionaries who will organise themselves in militia groups to rid the world of American imperialism.

The only way America can neutralise this threat–the only way America can change things for the better, is to leave the responsibility for world affairs to the United Nations, drastically reform their foreign policy, and redefine their national interests. Aside, of course, from choosing better leaders.

The Handover in Iraq
US Edicts Curb Power of Iraq’s Leadership