The French must have a vivid imagination. Men and women outside of the norm are being attacked verbally and physically, as they are discriminated for their sexual orientation.

The issue of the day here in France, and an on-going issue for several years now, is gay pride. A mayor has been suspended for one month for marrying a homosexual couple, in defiance of the French civil code. The Interior Minister, in a televised interview, stated that any other mayor who wants to defy the authority of the State will be suspended for a year.

Every summer, French gays demonstrate in the street. More effeminate than the average woman, and more macho than the average man, most are dressed like you and me.

And while we are vividly imagining things, is everything normal in a heterosexual relationship? Catholics take pains to confine the act within the sanctity of marriage. So why can’t homosexuals?

Mind you, I am a heterosexual with a vivid imagination. But I do think that as long as something doesn’t harm anyone, then this really is no business of anybody else.

There are all kinds of people who make up the world in which we live in. We are not all born yellow. Some societal norms are confining, and it thus behooves us to get along well with one another or make changes to impractical norms. You mustn’t think that your own race, language, religion, education or sexual orientation can be or should be the only norm.

First Gay Marriage Held in France