DSCN1300-thumb.jpg   Life is a game. The rules include obligations, social etiquette and norms, education, family and work responsibilities. How we play the game is defined according to our values.

Are there any values which are absolute, or are they relative to either the individual or the society? In ancient Greece, the Sophists argued that values are individually determined by each person. But because individuals have contradictory ideas, Plato affirms that individuals should leave it to philosophers to declare what these absolute values are.

But among and within geographical areas, values differ among and within the societies. Certain individuals practice certain values and cherish some more than others. Plato considered that truth, beauty and goodness were absolute values. But human nature and human rationality will judge these in subjective terms.

What is right and what is wrong, and what is good and what is bad, has some standard which society dictates and from which our values should, but not necessarily be based on.

reference: College Level Philosophy by Leo Charles Daley (Monarch Press, Inc., New York: 1965)