Speech writers must be pleased when they have a great orator read their works out well. My sister ghost-wrote speeches for someone in the Marcos family (this does not mean that we supported them, by the way). But if my sister had been a politician, I don’t think she had the speech intonations that go with orating well. In some ways, politics lies within the realm of theatre.

Now screen heroes in the Philippines, without an ounce of education, are following the footsteps of this one great orator. Here where the majority are the uneducated, the false screen character and the true-to-life character are indistinguishable with this electorate majority. Any country that can vote an ignoramus into public office should have their collective heads examined. Charisma, for them, count more than brains.

Like American presidents before him, Reagan had supported Marcos’s regime–a tyranny that caused the deaths of thousands of Filipinos opposed to the dictatorship. Like American presidents before him, Reagan could have put an end to it, by correcting foreign policy with regards to the Philippines–which still remains uncorrected today.