My grandfather was a respected man in the community. He was wise in his counsel and astute in his business ventures.

When Japan invaded the Philippines during the Second World War, my grandfather organised militia groups to assist the country’s self-defence forces in fighting the invaders. He was later captured, tortured and killed. He died trying to help liberate the country from this foreign incursion.

He has several grandsons now. One is studying Engineering at one of the prestigious Grandes Ecoles in France. His great-grandfather would be proud. But there is another one, a distant relation, whom we prefer to disown. He leads a gang of misfits on the dark side of this Asian capital, dealing in all kinds of shady ventures.

We are grateful for the sacrifices our grandfathers made for our nation. But to thank a leader of misfits as representative of great grandfathers is absurd. Within the twisted machinations of the brain, he can think that what he is doing is to be applauded.

Two different generations, two different minds–too different to be comparable.

Bush to Attend D-Day Commemorations in Europe
Bush will also join commemorations for two key anniversaries in the liberation of Europe during World War II, marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Rome by Allied forces on June 4, 1944.

The Italian leader called on his countrymen to remember the “true bond” between Americans and Italians cemented by their liberation from Nazism and fascism during World War II.

“Through him, we will say ‘thank you’ to the American people, which he represents, and for what Americans did June 4, 1944, for us and our liberty,” he said.