Do you remember Aesop’s fable about the hawk and the pigeons? The hawk had told the pigeons that they lived a life of constant fear, but if they made him their king, he would keep them safe from any aggression.

So another one of those “Al-Qaeda to strike” warning has been issued again. There were so many of those warnings leading up to the invasion of Iraq, that Americans supported the invasion out of fear. And every gullible American went out to buy duct tape.

Now another warning is issued leading up to the Presidential elections in 159 days. All this fuelling fears of more attacks seek the support of Americans for Bush. Everybody who bought duct tape will vote for him.

Al-Qaeda would probably strike if Bush is re-elected. In fact, Al-Qaeda would strike even if he wasn’t re-elected, out of vengeance for the foreign policies of both Bushes, Rumsfeld and the whole lot. I admire anyone who wants to clean up after this mess.

And if there were a strike, they would smugly say, I told you so. But Al-Qaeda will strike, with or without the warning. Does Bush take the American people for pigeons?

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