I have the most profound sympathy for Americans. They have dug themselves into a hole in Iraq. They cannot leave Iraq to warring tribes with oil right in the middle of it all, and they cannot stay because they are no longer welcome.

If America had gone in there to get rid of Saddam Hussein, they should have gotten out as fast as they went in and let the United Nations take over in rebuilding the country. But America did not go in there just to get rid of Saddam Hussein. Nor did America go in there to look for weapons of mass destruction. The greedy corporate-government nitwits went in there for the Oil.

I have the most profound sympathy for Americans. Not because they have dug a hole in Iraq they can’t get out of, but because America has made a special kind of enemy.

America has made enemies all over the world. I’m not talking about a nation versus nation-type of enemy. I am talking about little people like me, who have been personally affected by America’s foul manipulations. The American grenade bombings of student demonstrations and political rallies opposed to Marcos when I was at the University of the Philippines, and the torture and killing of student leaders arrested or captured during the American-backed Marcos regime, are unforgivable. Thousands of innocent people have been killed in my country as a result of America’s covert operations–which still continue up to now. But the world does not know that because the mainstream media is manipulated by America.

But unlike the Filipinos who are not a revenge-seeking people (they leave everything to God), most Arab people are. The insults and the humiliations have rallied the small people together under the Al-Qaeda umbrella–united in washing the stains of shame that America has subjected them to. Their retaliatory efforts will have tragic consequences not for America, the nation, but for the innocent Americans whose blood will spill from now.

I really have the most profound sympathy for Americans. If they would just open their eyes and realise that the natural resources of other countries–which they euphemistically refer to as “national interests”–are not theirs for the picking. If Americans would just get rid of their condescending attitude and their arrogance, they would make friends rather than enemies. But I think it’s a little too late for humility now.

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